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The Goddess, Hate

The wearisome goddess Erida can best be understood by reading the opening lines of Book 11 of The Iliad. After Eos (Dawn) sheds her gentle light on mortals and Immortals alike, Zeus sends Erida to the encampment of the Achaians (Achaeans). She stands on the centermost of the beached vessels and SCREAMS!!! The hearts of the soldiers are hardened as they awaken. They no longer remember their fathers or their wives and children. They rise from their beds with the screams of Hate ringing in their ears. In their hearts, they long for the sweetness of battle. Only blood will dispel the sanguine thrust that Erida has evoked.

Erida in The Iliad

(listed by book and line from four different translations)

Richmond Lattimore

Loeb Classical Library

Robert Fagles

Robert Fitzgerald

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